PROS Plan (Parks, Recreation, Open Space)

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Share Your Ideas. You Have a Voice in Burlington Parks.

The City of Burlington is developing a Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) plan to guide its parks, recreation facilities, programs and services to meet community needs.

Public Participation Activities

Help us create a great plan for Burlington! Look for opportunities to share your ideas and join the conversation at meetings, online surveys, and community events. Sign up to be on our contact list.

Attend the April 2019 Community Open House Workshop

Parkour park at Grafton?
Nature learning center at Jack Doyle Park?
Sculpture park along Highway 20 Trail?
More bike paths? Sidewalks?

These are just a few of the proposed park plans on the table for your feedback. Join the conversation!
 April 17, 2019 | Community Open House Workshop hosted by Burlington Parks & Rec.
 6:30 PM | Burlington Senior Center | 1011 Greenleaf Avenue

Maiben Park Basketball Courts.jpg

Help Develop Burlington's Vision for Parks, Trails, and Recreation Programs

Burlington is preparing its first ever Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan. This "PROS" plan will include a vision for Burlington's parks and recreation to improve existing parks, trails, and programs. The plan will help the City meet the needs of our residents and businesses, now and in the future. Service levels, costs, and funding options will be included in the plan. The City can seek grant opportunities by having a locally-prepared plan that meets the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office guidelines.

Burlington's PROS Plan will be developed Summer 2018 through Winter 2020. The deadline for completion is March 1, 2020.

Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS) plan timeline

For more information, please contact Jennifer Berner, Director, Parks & Recreation, City of Burlington.